Running Gitorious on a dedicated, managed server gives your developers a complete Git collaboration solution — without the burden of maintaining any server infrastructure.

Hassle-free git hosting — we take care of everything

We handle backups, monitoring and upgrades. You get a performant, dedicated and fully managed server with the following benefits:

  • Zero maintenance
  • Fine-grained access control
  • Collaborate securely with clients and contractors
  • Standard Service Level Agreement included
  • You get the complete set of Gitorious features

Private or public? Your call.

A lot of development teams need to collaborate with clients, remote colleagues and contractors from day to day. This makes it impractical to run the Git infrastructure behind a firewall.

Gitorious supports private projects. This means you can invite your clients, remote workers and contractors to collaborate using your managed Gitorious server. You are in full control of what to share and with whom, and sharing your work with a client is simply a matter of clicking a button.

Own your data — host it securely

You shouldn't have to worry about the security implications of shared hosting or unclear terms of service. With us, you alone own your data — hosted on secure, share-nothing infrastructure.

A dedicated Gitorious server means you are in complete control of your data, and you don't share your server with anyone else. You are the legal owner of your server along with all its data; Gitorious operates the server for you.

Should you decide to leave, we will provide you with a full export of all your data.

Service Level Agreement

We guarantee 99.5% availability for our Managed Server offering. Failure to fulfill our SLA on our part will be compensated with up to 100% of your yearly fee.

Custom domain

Receive a style subdomain, or provide your own domain name for your server. SSL certificates and * domain name included in base pricing.

Regular software updates

You will receive periodic updates of the Gitorious software — we usually update quarterly, more often for critical security patches.


We provide support via email during our office hours: 9-17 CET, Monday-Friday, and will respond within one business day. We also offer additional, extended support contracts, including 24/7 phone support and end-user support.

Reduced consulting rates

Hire the Gitorious team to customize your installation, develop new features or provide Git training. Paying customers get unlimited consulting at 10% hourly discount.


When will my Gitorious server be ready?
Most new setups are completed within a week of ordering. Customizations (e.g. UI adjustments for your company, and so on) as well as new/modified features for your setup may take longer, depending on the amount of development needed.
Can I integrate Gitorious with proprietary system X?
Yes. If your existing workflow is centered around an issue tracker or wiki, your users are managed centrally by an LDAP server or you have any other needs to use existing systems we can help you integrate Gitorious with them.
Can I add custom features at a later point?
Most certainly. As a Gitorious hosted install customer, you have access to the Gitorious core team at reduced consulting rates. This offer can be utilized at any point to add new features, prioritize certain fixes or further customize your install.